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Job Posting: Senior Design Scientist/Engineer


Responsible for designing, sourcing, and testing multifunctional, long-lifetime device components which operate at various temperatures (200 >1000°C) exposed to reactive gas atmospheres. A deep working knowledge of the chemical and mechanical properties of refractory metals and ceramics operating in this temperature regime, as well as a deep understanding of how different fabrication processes ultimately influence materials properties, is a requirement. Experience in Designing and Building Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Experience with protective coatings and diffusion barriers, including their fabrication, design, and optimization, is a must. You will be responsible for pushing the boundaries of materials limits, designing novel test equipment and procedures, and working closely with external vendors and internal engineers to procure high quality custom components. You will work in a highly collaborative setting with a team of physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers, and technicians. 


  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Experience
  • B.S. in Materials Science/Engineering, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Applied Physics, or related field
  • Nice person

It would be helpful:

  • Masters or PhD in Materials Science/Engineering, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Applied Physics, or related field
  • Fundamental understanding of materials and metallurgical sciences with hands on experience, including oxidation, diffusion, creep and recrystallization, and high temperature corrosion.
  • Experience in proton conductive membranes and/or SOFC materials
  • Background in high temperature coatings, and experience with material selection for operation in extreme conditions (e.g. combustion, turbines)
  • Experience designing, prototyping, and testing hermetically sealed vacuum packages for vacuum electronics, accelerometers, high temperature sensors, and/or other devices.
  • Experience using thermochemical simulation software (FactSage, ThermoCalc, DICTRA, COMSOL, etc.) and material property databases for predictive design and materials selection of multimaterial junctions or advanced alloys.
  • Experience with advanced manufacturing methods (3D printing of metals and ceramics, electrochemical forming, powder metallurgy, etc.)
  • Experience in materials applications, material integration under extreme temperature conditions, coatings and/or packaging and encapsulation of vacuum electronics in a commercial/industrial company.
  • Experience with materials intended to maintain mechanical integrity under extreme temperatures and temperature gradients.
  • Experience with methods to join metal-to-metal & metal-to-ceramic, e.g. brazing, diffusion bonding, laser welding, TIG welding, etc.
  • Experience with material characterization and engineering qualification methods for ceramics, refractory metals and alloys, refractory superalloys, refractory carbides and nitrides, and refractory metals.
  • Experience with material characterization and engineering qualification methods for environmental barrier coatings and ultra-high temperature coatings, as well as associated diffusion barriers (thermal or plasma spray, PVD, CVD, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience designing and implementing lifetime and accelerated lifetime testing methods and frameworks for developing long-lifetime, fault-tolerant components under extreme thermal/chemical/mechanical conditions.

Job Posting: Student Intern

Opening for part-time Student Interns – could lead to  full-time during the summer 2021. Hours flexible.

Qualified candidates will be Chemistry, Engineering or Materials Science students with keen attention to detail, practical experience working in a lab, and familiarity with lab protocols and safety procedures. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Reporting to a Senior Scientist in the laboratory
  • Performing tasks as requested by the Senior Scientist, such as:  preparing materials for use in experiments, conducting experimental builds of prototypes, taking and recording detailed and accurate measurements of the experiments.  
  • Adhering to all lab safety requirements including but not limited to glove, goggle and mask requirements and proper handling and disposal of chemicals and hazardous materials.
  • Operating/maintaining a variety of equipment, machines, and instruments.
  • Assisting in the preparation of technical documentation including reports, specifications, drawings, parts lists/Bills of Materials, calibration/maintenance procedures, plans/procedures, test documents, training data, cost/schedule data, and proposals.
  • Adhering to the company Core Values.
We are a startup company, so the ideal candidate will be flexible, energetic,  and ready to pitch in where needed. Please send resume to Susan Nicholson: susan@jtecenergy.com