JTEC Energy Named to TIME’s List of America’s Top GreenTech Companies 2024

(Atlanta, Georgia, March 12, 2024) – JTEC Energy has been named to TIME’s inaugural list of America’s Top GreenTech Companies 2024. JTEC Energy landed at #94 out of 250 overall ranked companies. This prestigious award was announced on March 5th, 2024, and can be viewed on TIME’s website .

Companies headquartered in the United States that focused on developing and providing green technologies, products, or services that help mitigate or reverse the impact of human activities on the environment were considered for the award. The ranking is based on the research and analysis of over 4,600 companies across three dimensions: Positive Environmental Impact, Financial Strength, and Innovation Drive.

“We are honored to be included among some of the most innovative companies in America who are working to address climate change and sustainability across sectors like AgTech, Carbon Reduction, Mobility, Renewable Energy, and Resource Management. JTEC Energy will be a leader in solving our planet’s future energy needs with clean, carbon free, renewable energy,” said Mike McQuary, JTEC Energy’s CEO.

In support of the research, data was gathered from company applications, annual reports, media monitoring, and other public sources. Statista Inc., a leading statistics portal worked with specialized data partners, HolonIQ and LexisNexis PatentSight to further strengthen the data quality and industry rankings.

About JTEC Energy

Former NASA scientist and Super Soaker inventor Dr. Lonnie Johnson invented the Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Converter (JTEC), a cleantech hydrogen energy device that transforms heat into energy more efficiently than any device in history. Led by Mike McQuary, JTEC Energy was spun off from Johnson Research & Development to fully develop and commercialize the JTEC device. With over 45 patents, JTEC is applicable for both power generation and refrigeration. For more information about JTEC Energy, visit the company website at JTECEnergy.com.

About TIME

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