News Release: Lonnie Johnson and Mike McQuary Launch JTEC Energy

ATLANTA, GA (September 22, 2020) – Dr. Lonnie Johnson and Mike McQuary announce the formation of JTEC Energy, Inc.

JTEC Energy, Inc.‘s mission is to commercialize the Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Converter (JTEC), a machine that transforms heat directly into electricity more efficiently than any device in history. JTEC is another pioneering invention by Dr. Johnson, former award winning NASA engineer and inventor of the Super Soaker. JTEC Energy, a spinoff of Dr. Johnson’s Atlanta based Johnson Research & Development, was created to fully develop and commercialize products that use the technology. Dr. Johnson tapped Atlanta entrepreneur Mike McQuary to serve as President and CEO of the new company.

“I’m honored and excited to lead this team,” said Mike McQuary. “This technology is a global game-changer. The JTEC has champions within the government and academia and we recently concluded a contract with APL/NASA, where the JTEC was deemed ‘revolutionary.’ We anticipate continuing to work with them as well as other government entities. Our team has a working prototype that proves the technology, and we are ready to enter the next phase and build industry-specific product demonstrations. We intend to become a global leader in clean, green, renewable energy.”

“I have self-funded the JTEC research for nearly two decades, and we are ready to take it to the next level,” said Dr. Johnson. “We wanted to find someone who had all of the requisite experience managing a technical company from startup to product development, through exponential growth, and ultimately to an IPO. Mike has considerable experience growing technology companies, including one of Atlanta’s most successful startups, the Internet Service Provider, MindSpring. We work very well together and will shepherd JTEC out of the lab and into widespread adoption. JTEC is a totally new path for sustainable energy.”

The JTEC can be used on a very small scale to capture waste heat from a cell phone or wearable device to recharge the battery. At a larger level, it can capture automotive waste heat and augment hybrid batteries. Scaled up, it can capture waste heat from factories to help power the plant. Implemented in power plants it can significantly increase the output. Operated in reverse, the JTEC is one of the most efficient cooling devices ever created, which makes it suitable for a range of industrial and military temperature control applications.

The company will co-locate with Johnson Research in downtown Atlanta and have full use of its laboratory space and equipment. For more information about JTEC Energy, visit the company website at