Rodney Sampson Joins JTEC Energy Advisory Board

Rodney Sampson (photo:Venture Beat)

ATLANTA (December 3, 2020) – JTEC Energy, Inc. announced that investor, entrepreneur and technology startup incubator Rodney Sampson has joined its Advisory Board. JTEC Energy was formed this year to productize and commercialize the JTEC device, a cleantech energy invention by Dr. Lonnie Johnson that converts waste heat into electricity more efficiently than any machine in history.

“Rodney Sampson has dedicated his career to identifying companies with exceptional potential, and then helping those companies grow and thrive,” said JTEC Energy CEO Mike McQuary. “Rodney is committed to ensuring that minority-founded companies have access to the resources they need to prosper. We are thrilled to have him in our corner as we look to launch our Series A fundraising round next year, and bring forth this groundbreaking energy technology.”

“I am excited to join the Advisory Board of JTEC Energy,” said Sampson. “I consider it an honor to bring my 20 years of building high growth companies to the disruptive energy innovation of Lonnie and the entrepreneurial acumen of Mike. I’m also a proud investor in JTEC via 100 Black Angels and Allies.”

Sampson joins a JTEC Advisory Board that includes Dr. Brian Benicewicz, Professor University of South Carolina Polymer Nanocomposite Research; Kurt Jacobus, CEO of MedShape; Matt McDowell, Professor Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering; and David Ratcliffe, Retired Chairman/CEO of Southern Company.

About Rodney Sampson
Since 2007, Sampson has worked closely with high growth startups and seed stage venture funds as a selective advisor, investor and limited partner. Sampson is the author of the 2012 book “Kingonomics: Twelve Innovative Currencies for Transforming Your Business and Life,” inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King. Sampson co-founded Opportunity Hub (OHUB) as a follow up to the highly successful Kingonomics’ book release and large-scale conferences in Atlanta, GA and Washington, D.C., and today serves as OHUB Executive Chairman and CEO. As the General Partner of 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund I, Sampson is creating a new generation of investors to advance venture funds, founders and ecosystem building companies committed to racial equity in the fourth industrial revolution. Sampson supports and serves on the boards of Black In AI, Artificial Intelligence for All (AI4All), Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC), International Bishops Conference, and GA Technology for All Policy Summit.

About JTEC Energy
Former NASA scientist and Super Soaker inventor Dr. Lonnie Johnson invented the Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Converter (JTEC), a cleantech energy device that transforms heat into energy more efficiently than any device operating today. Led by Mike McQuary, JTEC Energy was spun off from Johnson Research & Development to fully develop and commercialize the JTEC device. With over 45 patents, JTEC is applicable for both power generation and refrigeration. For more information about JTEC Energy, visit the company website at